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Cute Whatsapp Status

Cute Status for Whatsapp

Where there is love there is life.

Lotus, Tulip, Jasmin, Lilly All flowers are sweet but they have no comparison with YOU.

From A to Z all that really matters is I and U.

Every day is a start of something beautiful.

You are the best thing that’s ever been.

Let’s walk together…. Be together….. Stay together and Grow old together.

Everyone Deserves A Chance To Clean UP Their Mistakes.

Somewhere there’s someone who dreams of your smile.

To build a beautiful house, you need to know how to live in it beautifully.

Say it before you run out of time. Say it before it’s too late. Say what you’re feeling. Waiting is a mistake.

Your smile is more beautiful than stars.

My heart always will be yours.

Happiness is what happens when you do what your heart wants to.

I am more concerned about your happiness, because I care about you more.

Time can never change my feelings for you.

The only thing that makes your problems bigger is your fear.

The moment I want to be with you, I close my eyes.

Distance and time don’t matter anymore when you are in my heart.

When you start counting your blessings, life becomes easier.

You can make someone angry, but it takes love to make that same person smile after being angry at you.

An honest relationship can give you more hope than anything else in the world.

Don’t look for a perfect partner; look for someone that makes the relationship perfect.

Beautiful people make beautiful homes, not interior decorators.

Every small thing in life that makes you happy makes your life bigger than you can imagine.

Somewhere there’s someone who dreams of your smile.

Every time you texts me my cheeks hurt! I guess I smile too big.

You have no idea how fast my heart beats when I see you.

Every morning would be perfect if I woke up next to you.

Don’t expect a perfect love from any of your close ones, just show them what it is.

The most magical moments are those when you forget yourself in the joy of someone’s presence.

Any person can say that they love you. Only a few will actually prove it.

To me you’re perfect.

Let me love you if not for the rest of you life then for the rest of mine.

The best relationship is when you two can act like lovers and best friends.

I promise you no one will ever love you like I do.

Without you, I’m nothing. With you, I’m something. Together, we’re everything.

The happiest I’ve ever felt was that moment I discovered you loved me too.

In the middle of life, love enters and make it a fairy tale.

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn Is to love and be loved in return.

Since you’ve been around I smile a lot more than I use to.

A successful relationship requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

People asked me if I missed you, I smiled and replied, do you breathe?

Your smile is the key of my heart.

When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

True Love is not based upon romance, candle light dinner and walk alone beach. Infect, it’s based on care, compromise, respect and trust.

When I’m with you, hours feel like seconds. But when we’re apart, days feel like years.

Being someone’s first love may be great but to be their last is beyond perfect.

When we first met, I had no idea you would be so important to me.

Distance never separates two heart that really care.

I may be thousands of miles away but you’re still the first thing on my mind.

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